DHCP High-availability on Windows 2012

Something that should have been available for decades ago have just with the launch of Windows Server 2012 become possible, the opportunity to set up a HA DHCP server without clustering.

When you install the DHCP role on a Windows Server 2012 you get the option to make it HA, be pointing to another “node” which also contains the DHCP role. When you set it up you have the possiblility to make it Active/Active or Active/Passive and choose how the distribute the load of IP assignment.

Unfortunatly the trees dosnt grow into the skyes (unless you a very little and it is very clouded) so after you have set up your HA new configuration changes aren’t replicated, fortunatly some of the boys at MS have made a little Powershell to accomplis this


.:External Link who also write about this stuff:.

Site containing the repl. script





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