Month: February 2013

Usefull commands for programming a HP Switch

This post i mainly for my own bad memory, so bear with me if there ain’t no real structure, this i just a bunch of command all in one place 😀   .:Configuration:. Menu ‘brings you into menu mode. show running-config ‘show the current running config on screen copy command-output “show running-config” TFTP x.x.x.x ” backupswitch.txt” ‘ Takes a backup of the running configuration   .:Firmware:. copy flash tftp x.x.x.x “firmware.swi” primary ‘ Copies the file firmware.swi from yourLearn More

DHCP High-availability on Windows 2012

Something that should have been available for decades ago have just with the launch of Windows Server 2012 become possible, the opportunity to set up a HA DHCP server without clustering. When you install the DHCP role on a Windows Server 2012 you get the option to make it HA, be pointing to another “node” which also contains the DHCP role. When you set it up you have the possiblility to make it Active/Active orLearn More

Selecting trays in Microsoft Office using VBA / Macros

I recently got a task from a customer wishing to “control” the trays using page defaults in word. Unfortunatly this selection changes everytime you change your printer, therefore i made this little VBA code for him.   Sub trayselector() ‘ Selection of the tray numbers are as follow ‘ Xerox selections Tray 1 = 260, Tray 2 = 259, Tray 3 = 258, Tray 4 = 257 etc. ‘ Canon Selections Tray 1 = 1,Learn More

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