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How-to: Upgrade Windows Server 2008 R2 from Standard to Enterprise without a media.

Phase 1: Dism /online /Set-Edition:ServerEnterprise /ProductKey:489J6-VHDMP-X63PK-3K798-CPX3Y (This is the default KMS Key 3 days activation for Windows Server 2008 R2, provided by Microsoft, hopefully im allowed to publish this key here, anyways this license provides 3 days of access to register your own key.) You have to use this KMS key in order to make the upgrade work, after the upgrade your Windows will have 3 days to activate, Activating using GUI, will disable aLearn More

Setting up a windows server 2008 as a time reliable timeserver using NTP

Some people have been complaining about, Microsoft decided to end support for SNTP in Windows 2008R2 and also ended the opportunity to set up time using NET TIME Well hopefully this post gets you back on track, with a newer more robust solution, which is also more secure than the old methods. First of all the new tool is w32tm, and below is an example of how to setup one of your DCs (More to follow)Learn More

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