Usefull commands for programming a HP Switch

This post i mainly for my own bad memory, so bear with me if there ain’t no real structure, this i just a bunch of command all in one place ūüėÄ



Menu¬†‘brings you into menu mode.

show running-config¬†‘show the current running config on screen

copy command-output “show running-config” TFTP x.x.x.x ” backupswitch.txt”¬†‘ Takes a backup of the running configuration



copy flash tftp x.x.x.x “firmware.swi” primary¬†‘ Copies the file firmware.swi from your TFTP client into the primary ROM



Show vlans¬†‘ returns a list of all present vlans

show vlans 13¬†‘show detalied info about vlan 13


enter config

vlan 13¬†‘puts you in configure mode of (vlan-13)

(vlan-13) name “Demo”¬†‘assigns the name demo to vlan 13

(vlan-13) untagged 20 or untagged 1-20¬†‘untags either port 2wwww0 or 1 to 20, you can ofc also choose tagged

(vlan-13) ip address dhcp or x.x.x.x¬†‘assigns a IP address to this vlan, this IS A MOUST have when using switch as router


.:MAC address:.

show mac-address¬†‘show all learned MAC address on the switch

show mac-address 1¬†‘shows all mac address seen on port 1 you can also use 1-5 which will show all on port 1 to 5

show mac-address 00:Fb:3e:21:aa:11¬†‘shows which port that MAC address is located on



show ip route¬†‘shows all static routes on the switch

ip route x.x.x.x/24 y.y.y.y¬†‘ create a static route sending all packets to x.x.x.x to y.y.y.y

no ip route x.x.x.x/24 y.y.y.y¬†‘ removes the static route sending all packets to x.x.x.x to y.y.y.y

(vlan-xx) ip helper-address x.x.x.x¬†‘where to find the IP of a DHCP server



show lldp info local-device¬†‘ shows info about the device you are currently connected to.

show lldp info remote-device¬†‘show which other LLDP enabled devices is connected to the device you work on and which ports they are connected to.

show lldp info remote-device 24¬†‘shows detailed info about the remote device located on port 24

write memory¬†‘write running config

reboot¬†‘reboots the switch

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