Damaged CD/DVD – No fear ISOPUZZLE is here

Today, my daughter came and told me that she could no longer see her favorite DVD movie on the playstation. I told her I would look into it and confirmed the the DVD media was indeed scrathed. Unfortunatly i had never made a backup of that DVD, which I else do with every original movie we purchase, so that this wouldn’t occur.

Well i tried to rip copy it using ashampoo free (which of coarse didtn’t work) next i tried to rip it using AnyDVD by SlySoft, which has helped me many times before. Sadly this didn’t worked either.

So I started looking for other utilities that could help me in this matter, I used a old trick rinsing the DVD media with toothpaste and then a neat free little software called IsoPuzzle. See link’s section below.

Screenshot of ISOPUZZLE in work, notice the error counts.

What ISOPUZZLE does is it read all the sectors on the DVD and put them in a ISO container, then of coarse you can experince lagg, flicker during the movie, but at least you have it.

ISOPUZZLE helped me save that movie and I can assure you that it will be a part of my emergency bag forward on.



ISOPUZZLE can be downloaded from here

IT WILL REQUIRE AN ADDITIONAL FILE wnaspi32.dll which can be found here


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