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As an system administrator, I more than often find myself in need of trying something out, say needing a isolated machine for testing etc. But I also often need to access “company” ressources from the outside, as seen from a public user. I you like me, find yourself needing these things read along.

Within Paperspace you can rapidly deploy one or more machines to set up for what ever nned you might have, it is fast, check and have exellent support. A machine is simply setup, using a couple of simple point-click-create steps, after which you have a full blown machine running in a Chrome Browser.

Gaming in the cloud?

If you are not satisfied with the “speed/lack” when running in a browser, you can choose to install the Parsec Client (free ultra fast client, developed for cloud gaming, can be downloaded here – )
It will install as a service on your cloud computer, and when you run the client on your “normal/local” machine you will notice that you have the option to select your Cloud Computer, running this way i have personally archived FPS in League Of Legends of 300FPS – 20ms) – So more than adaqete to play games.

Try it out for your self. By using the link provided below, you will be granted 10$ additional, when you sign up, that amount is worth 2 month’s of storage or 20 hours of compute, provided that you use the P4000, 8 Core machine, which by the way is quite powerful.

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