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My cloud storage provider, hosts 1 EXAbyte of data, wanna join?

Obviously my cloud storage provider is Backblaze, not only do they have the coolest name of all cloudstorage providers, they also have the coolest product. To understand the size of an EXAbyte, Backblze has put together this nice writting. I highly recommend Backblze and trust me, when I say, if you ever find yourself or your company in need of some serious external cloudstorage, be sure to give Backblaze a try. Of coarse they areLearn More

Cloud Compute? – Try Paperspace

As an system administrator, I more than often find myself in need of trying something out, say needing a isolated machine for testing etc. But I also often need to access “company” ressources from the outside, as seen from a public user. I you like me, find yourself needing these things read along. Within Paperspace you can rapidly deploy one or more machines to set up for what ever nned you might have, it isLearn More

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