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Secure, your secure site.

Recently i received a message, stating that my secure site wasn’t so secure. At first i thought, that maybe my certificate had expired, fortunatly that wasn’t the case. The problem was, that running a webserver on an old Windows Server 2008 std edition, older protocols are used to serve HTTPS Among them is PCT 1.0, SSLv2 and v3 and older TLS versions. what does this mean and why aren’t they secure.Well as of july 2018,Learn More

Impersonating in Exchange 2007/2010

I have to start saying I haven’t got any hands-on experience with Exchange 2013 But to Impersonate in previous versions of MS Exchange following steps needs to be taken. Create an user in your AD, that you will grant the Impersonation rights. Once created follow the procedure bellow, finalize by restarting Information Store service (remember this has wide impact) In this example I have created a user called impersonator in our Fullname of example user is : ImpersonatorLearn More

Outlook WebApp dosnt work after update

We have now on 2 occasions experienced that our Exchange 2010 servers won’t start correct after Windows Update and Rollup packs (RU) Today, when we meet our Exchange server’s hung at 8 of 13 updates, after 30minutes when no progress was seen, we decided to “cut” the servers. Afterwards the rest of the patches installed flawless, BUT our OWA didn’t work it just came with this message Couldn’t find a base theme (folder name=base) WhatLearn More

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