Backup / Restore of a Brocade SAN switch

Prior to making major changes on any production attached equipment it is always a wise to have a backup / restore option in the backhand. In this little article i’ll demostrate how you can easily archive that. Using the configupload / configdownload commands in the CLI of the Brocade. First of all one important note. configupload is BACKUP as it is seen from the switch perspective it uploads the config to a source of yourLearn More

Just a bunch of golden nuggets for my photopassion…

This single post, will most likely just end up with a bunch of links to other sites, where I have found useful guides, information or great pics. I think ill group the links into headlines for the sake of overview. Lightroom/Photoshop Guide for stacking simple

Omgå Facebook, find alle dine venner, kopier og indsæt denne tekst….. :-/

Hvis du er på Facebook og har været det i et stykke tid, kan du sikkert nikke genkendende til ovenstående overskrift. For med jævne mellemrum dukker den eller ligende beskeder op. Why, why, whyyyyy? Hvorfor? Formentlig for at efterprøve folks ukritiske tilgang til blindt at følge det de læser på Facebook og de “stakler” der hopper på det registreres så og bruges fremad rettet i mere “lyssky” reklamefremstød fra fx. Investeringer med et billede afLearn More

My cloud storage provider, hosts 1 EXAbyte of data, wanna join?

Obviously my cloud storage provider is Backblaze, not only do they have the coolest name of all cloudstorage providers, they also have the coolest product. To understand the size of an EXAbyte, Backblze has put together this nice writting. I highly recommend Backblze and trust me, when I say, if you ever find yourself or your company in need of some serious external cloudstorage, be sure to give Backblaze a try. Of coarse they areLearn More

Min Facebook konto sender beskeder….

First of all to the English readers of this site, sorry, for posting this in Danish. I might make an additional one in English or just add the English version below. “Hej Brian, ring lige til mig, så hurtigt du kan, jeg får beskeder om at jeg sender beskeder på Facebook eller Messenger, som ikke er mig.” “En god ven” Sådan startede min dag forleden. Der kan være flere årsager til at ens “Facebook konto”Learn More

Add to startup of Windows 10

Ever wondered what happend to the good old, right click on the startmenu->Start menu Well fortunatly it is much simpler in Windows 10. Press Win+R type shell:startup and hit enter, there you go.

Cloud Compute? – Try Paperspace

As an system administrator, I more than often find myself in need of trying something out, say needing a isolated machine for testing etc. But I also often need to access “company” ressources from the outside, as seen from a public user. I you like me, find yourself needing these things read along. Within Paperspace you can rapidly deploy one or more machines to set up for what ever nned you might have, it isLearn More

Secure, your secure site.

Recently i received a message, stating that my secure site wasn’t so secure. At first i thought, that maybe my certificate had expired, fortunatly that wasn’t the case. The problem was, that running a webserver on an old Windows Server 2008 std edition, older protocols are used to serve HTTPS Among them is PCT 1.0, SSLv2 and v3 and older TLS versions. what does this mean and why aren’t they secure.Well as of july 2018,Learn More

Betal eller jeg sender intimbilleder til alle på dine kontaktliste

Betal eller jeg sender intimbilleder til alle på dine kontaktliste 😀 Sådan ca. lyder overskriften på en mail der er tikket ind hos en lang række modtagere i landet. Og hvad endnu værre er, så er mailen ofte ledsaget af netop dit eget password? Nu kunne man jo så begynde at skrive spalte op og spalte ned med at man skal huske at skifte sit password jævnligt, ikke bruge det samme password flere steder, huskeLearn More

CrystalDiskInfo reveals your HDD health

Ever needed to monitor the health of your harddisk?   If yes, then chance thatCrystalDiskInfo is the tool you are looking for. I has quite a strong set of monitoring parameters, such as Error count/average, Run Time, Temp and of coarse S.M.A.R.T among many.     File can be downloaded at own risk from here:

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