Locate installed patches on windows easy

If you ever come across a issue, where you need to locate, whether or not at KB articel from Microsoft is installed or not, it is as easy as entering a command prompt and type:

c:\>wmic qfe | find “<number of the b articel, and only the number>” press enter

c:\>wmic qfe | find “23456”


Now, you could also take this a step further and do remote querying, this is done via the following syntax.
c:\wmic /node:”computername” qfe (IP can be used instead of DNS name) This returned output can ofcoarse be piped into a text file using ordinary syntax.

c:\wmic /node:”computername” qfe > c:\patches.txt
c:\wmic OS get name -returns only name of the OS, whereas  



It is also possible to query all other WMI stuff using WMIC fx. 

c:\wmic nicconfig – shows current config of the NIC incl. IP etc.

For full list of WMIC based stuff run c:\wmic /?

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